BG96 HTTP works but HTTPS does not work

Hello everyone

I am using a device with the BG96 chip on it.
I want to do httpget and post to a https site but I always get an error 701 (unknow error)
If I do a get request to a http site it works fine

Can someone give me som advice?

Kind regards

Hi Lenner, what mobile network provider are you using? have you uploaded TLS cert to the modem?

Hi i am from belgium i am using the Proximus netork provider and i dont have uploaded TLS cert how do i do that I have nothing seen in the manuals about that

See and

You can use AT+QFUPL to upload a CA certificate to “RAM:cacert” and configure that file in the SSL context.

Or just configure the SSL context “seclevel” to 0, as that does not need a certificate.

Other reasons for failure could be the supported ciphersuites and SSL/TLS version, both in the server and in the client.

Try first a check with and see what the server reply is. That might give you some hints. I mean to do the request with your modem, not the browser. :wink:

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i have configured the seclevel to 0.
also i have tried the config to support all ssl versions and ciphersuites and also the specific ssl version and ciphersuite of my https server.
I always get error 701 (unkown error).