BG96 HTTP POST get error 702 all the time

We use BG96 in our system to send JSON file via command AT+QHTTPPOST to a serveur. Recently the send of HTTP request failed very frequently with error 702 (HTTP timeout).

Like the other post, I thought it might be the problem of the UART transmission between our main module and BG96, as the timeout error appears when the input time is up, not the response time. However our provider of the devices believes that the transmission UART is fine.

The module will still send the request even with the HTTP error 702 because our serveur can receive the file anyway, but it is not complete. The file is cut in the middle, and the size varies from 10% of the file original to 90%.

Can anyone come up with any idea why this is happening? Actually I’ve received a prototype before from the provider of the device and everything was fine, but then I have this issue with all new devices… Does the firmware of BG96 make the difference? Any help will be appreciate!

Hi Yi, can you tell me what version of the BG96 firmware you are using? You can get this with the AT+QGMR command:

07/10/20 15:05:33.604 INFO: TX> "AT+QGMR"
07/10/20 15:05:33.609 INFO: RX> "AT+QGMR"
07/10/20 15:05:33.614 INFO: RX> "BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.016.01.016"


Hello, the version of firmware is:

Hello, the version of firmware is:
(I replied yesterday but maybe not replied to you so I repost)

I don’t work for Quectel, but I have seen this problem as well (you linked to my earlier post). I have seen this with both V01.007 and V01.016 BG96 firmware. I am currently investigating V01.017 firmware.

Aha Okay ! Thanks a lot ! I’ve tried to contact a Quectel technique support, hopefully we can get this problem resolved.

One other question: are you using a sim that is on its home network or are you using a sim that is roaming?

I use the sim in its home network in France. BTW can you tell me how did you update the firmware? Did you use their DFOTA function ?

Yes, I did DFOTA. You need an upgrade file specific to the version you have and the version you want. For example I used:


to move from V01.016 to V01.017. The DFOTA documentation describes how to do it:

Thanks ! I’ve read that, just for sure, we have to contact Quectel to get those update packages right?

Update: it seems that we can upload the file first to BG96 then use HTTPPOSTFILE to send the file.

Yes, you need to contact Quectel to get the DFOTA files

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