BG96 HTTP POST 302 redirect


I have a question regarding POST requests on the BG96 using the AT+QHTTPPOST command.
The server I want to post to is behind a proxy, so a redirect (HTTP 302) is returned from the server first.
When I do a GET request (AT+QHTTPGET) to that url, the BG96 seems to handle this, as I correctly receive the expected data from the server and a HTTP response code 200.
However, when I do a POST request to the same url, the BG96 returns a HTTP response code 302 and I don’t see any POST data on the server.
Is this expected behavior for the AT+QHTTPPOST command, or should its behavior be equal to the AT+QHTTPGET command? Or is there any setting I can change to automatically follow the redirect?
Thank you in advance.

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based on your descripiton .

the root cause seems to be the format of your post still ,

normally , when we send one data ot internet server , we will via many gateway , router and so on .

pls attached you AT log

for more analysis , pls send email to we need your assistance to collect modem log