BG96 & gpsOneXTRA issues

Hi there!

I have an BG96 based product, Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G

Main problem is that the command AT+QGPSXTRADATA? does not decrease the number of valid minutes, and thus is hard to check the validity of gpsOneXTRA file


[2022-09-26_13:57:03:794]+QGPSXTRADATA: 10080,“2022/09/25,11:00:00”

Hi Viorel

The gpsOneXTRA Data File has an expiration date, have you checked if expired?

I know I have replied here late my self.

With what command can I see that date?

Hi Viorel
This command queries the existing XTRA file information. You can use the command to manually check the validity of the XTRA file.

AT+QGPSXTRADATA? Is the total valid time of the XTRA file and the effective start time of the XTRA file. The sum of these two times is the expiry time of the XTRA file.

Thank you @tabor.tang-Q

Unfortunately in my case the 10080 <time_left> is always at that value. I do not have the BG96 on me, it is testing prototype.