BG96: gps extra data valid time doesn't change in time


After successful injection of extra data, it always shows the same valid time : 10080 min (please see below log). I would expect that it changes every one minute. What could be the reason of this situation?

[INFO][AT ]: AT TX ( 1):
[INFO][AT ]: AT RX ( 6): OK
[INFO][AT ]: AT TX ( 1):
[INFO][AT ]: AT RX (38): A: 10080,"2021/11/22,09:00:00"OK
[INFO][BG96]: gps extra data validity time: 10080 [min]
[INFO][BG96]: gps extra data injection time: 2021/11/22

When the SIM card is not inserted or CFUN = 0, the injected Xtra file will not take effect

pls confirm that , you module has registered successfully


We have module enabled, we download xtra via the same gsm module and right after, inject it(I checked and CFUN==1 before injecting xtra).
It looks like injection works because after delete xtra and injection it shows the new data, log below.
But the validity time remains the same and doesn’t change in time: 10080

Is there any other way than QGPSXTRADATA?, to check if extra is correctly setup?

after xtra delete: +QGPSDEL=3
[2021-11-24 10:21:05.157] [INFO][BG96]: CFUN: 1
[2021-11-24 10:21:05.202] [INFO][BG96]: gps extra data valid time: 0 [min]
[2021-11-24 10:21:05.202] [INFO][BG96]: gps extra data injection time: 1980/01/05

after xtra download and injection
[2021-11-24 10:32:13.083] [INFO][BG96]: CFUN: 1
[2021-11-24 10:32:13.129] [INFO][BG96]: gps extra data valid time: 10080 [min]
[2021-11-24 10:32:13.129] [INFO][BG96]: gps extra data injection time: 2021/11/24

We have following flow to download and inject xtra:


if(download_complete) {
// before xdata injection we have to disable gps

+QGPSXTRATIME", "=", "%d,%s,%d,%d,%d", 0, bg96_extra_inject_ts, 1, 0, 5000);
+QGPSXTRADATA", "=", "%s", "UFS:xtra2.bin");
+QFDEL", "=", "%s", "UFS:xtra2.bin");
+QGPS", "=1");


Any idea what could be the reason?

In my case it happens the same :frowning: I’m using an EDGE connection

Is there a chance to make this problem go way? At every check I’ve got 10080 min on BG96