[BG96] GNSS doesn’t work with LTE-M1 network


I use RAK5010 board which is built on the BG96 module.
I have enabled gpsOneXTRA to enhance the performance of GNSS.
Power saving mode is disabled.
The board is outside.


1-) GSM Network registred (EDGE)
The position is fixed after about 1min.

2-) LTE network registered (CAT-M1)
I never have a fix.

Could you tell me if you can have a fix with LTE network?
Do you have any idea what can cause this?


Hi Tryhus,

generally , GPS is a independent system , it does not depend on cellar system , even you have not insert SIM card , The NEMA sentence should be output also

for your case , we need to collect QXDM log for more analysis .

pls send email to :support@quectel.com