BG96 GGA/RMC sentences

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I’m using BG96 module and I’m trying to understand if it supports GNGGA and GNRMC sentences in case GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO are contemporarily used.
I’m following “Quectel_BG96_GNSS_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1.pdf” to configure NMEA type. What I see from NMEA output is that only GPGGA and GPRMC (i.e. GGA and RMC coming from GPS) are received.

FW version: BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.016.01.016

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pls attached your at log ,

we need to know the all configure of you GNSS


Hi Stephen,

Our settings below:

  • “gpsnmeatype” --> 3, i.e. GGA+RMC
  • “glonassnmeatype” --> no setting, so default 0 (disabled)
  • “galileonmeatype” --> no setting, so default 0 (disabled)
  • “beidounmeatype” --> no setting, so default 0 (disabled)
  • “gsvextnmeatype” --> no setting, so default 0 (disabled)
  • “gnssconfig” --> no setting, so default 1 (GLONASS ON/BeiDou ON/Galileo ON)


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if you need to other satellites join to location , pls enable the coresponding it also , thanks.

Hi Stephen,

What I see from documentation is that, for example:

  • Galileo just supports GSV
  • Glonass just supports GSV, GSA, GNS

but none supports GGA and RMC, so I will never get combined GNGGA and GNRMC sentences from multiple constellations, isn’t it? I can receive GGA and RMC only from GPS satellites, right?


for example , if you want get combine GNGGA+GNRMC+GNVTG , you can set as below

  1. AT+QGPSCFG=“gnssconfig”,4 // enable gps + g’lonass system

  2. AT+QGPSCFG=“gpsnmeatype”,20 //16+2=1 // 10011


We added GNS Glonass sentence (AT+QGPSCFG=“glonassnmeatype”,4) and we now get GPGGA from GPS and GNGNS from Glonass. The former contains 9 satellites (from GPS constellation), the latter 14 satellites (from Glonass constellation), and both return the same position.
My question is: is there any configuration that allows to have one single NMEA sentence (e.g. GNGGA) that can combine info from GPS and Glonass satellites in order to increase the accuracy? Or should I do it by myself by parsing different sentences coming from separate satellites?


pls print your result here .

The result you get is already the result of joint positioning. The module has its own unified algorithm to use the data of the two systems together

Here below an extract:


Moreover, here is also an extract of GSV sentences:

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for BG96 module , there is some print bug in NEMA output

this GPGGA is GNGGA actually

pls use this result directly , sorry for inconvenience .

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