BG96 FTM not working?

I use a easyRF evaluation kit with a BG96 to test the FTM mode of the device.
But the BG 96 dous not go into FTM.
see: QCOM:
[2021-04-02_22:58:52:765]+QRFTESTMODE: (0,1)



[2021-04-02_22:59:17:753]+QRFTESTMODE: 0

[2021-04-02_23:11:19:209]AT+QRXFTM=1,“LTE BAND12”,5095,0,0,0

[2021-04-02_23:11:19:209]ERROR - RESTRICTED TO FTM

[2021-04-02_23:11:25:349]+CME ERROR: 3
[2021-04-02_23:11:27:236]AT+QRFTEST=“LTE BAND2”,18900,“ON”,50,1

[2021-04-02_23:11:27:236]+CME ERROR: 3

[2021-04-02_23:11:45:250]+QRFTESTMODE: 0



[2021-04-02_23:11:50:736]+QRFTESTMODE: 0


What is going wrong? I can not get further…

Pls test this fuction with Main UART , Instead of Usb , since if you are connecting usb , RNDIS will be enabled . it will prevent the moudle enter FTM mode.



Hi, I, must check this against the evaluation board.
Do I need to update the BG96 firmware

I use the terminal programs: QCOM and QNavigator