BG96 firmware Upgrade


I am using BG96 module.
How can I know if my module’s firmware is the latest?
I used ATI and AT+QGMR commands and it returns following values:





=>Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G

Is this the latest firmware? If not, how can I upgrade?


Hi pathraj,

pls kindly download the latest Bg96 R02 version from the below link:

pls kindly download Qflash tools from below link:


We have the following version:

  1. Can this be applied to the modem that reports the same version as the one that pathraj has?

  2. Is there a HW difference between R02 and R04 modems?

R04 is more new baseline ,pls keep your fw version

for the question about the fw version , since we have 3 baseline , it means deifferent SW branch , so pls send email to or your sales