BG96 Firmware update MAR 23

I have a BG96 with Version: BG96MAR02A07M1G.
Could you please provide me with the latest firmware version as well as the software tool for the update.

I can’t see your email, can you send your email to me? I will send it to you by email.

Latest upgrade Tool QFLASH_v6.2

And here is latest FW but to be note: This Firmware cannot downgrade !!! if you need to do some downgrade please use another one.

Canot Downgrade FW:

Support Downgrade FW:

Hi, Thanks for your support. I have upgraded the module now to

For final certification, we perform test of BG96 with R&S CMW290 base station simulator.
The BG96 has inserted the SIM card for the tester. Connection from BG96 to tester CMW290 is established at Band 3 with LET Cat M1 and the tester starts upload. Data is transferred for 30 seconds with 20dBm, then power sinks to -11dBm and connection closes.In the log, the message “UL sync error” is present.
After a couple of seconds it registers and connect again, then the same again.

Any ideas why the test stopps?
Are there special configuration required to do this test? Or have I miss configured the BG96?
I have make shure that PSM and eDRX is off.