BG96 firmware R02 and R03

Dear all,

We have a custom board (running Linux) with BG96 module. The firmware version is BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.018.01.018. My questions are as following:

  1. Is my R02 firmware up to date? How/where to download the newest R02 firmware?
  2. Is it recommended to update from R02 to R03? since R03 supports handover in LTE M1. We are in Germany. If yes, where to download the newest R03 firmware?
  3. How would you recommend to upgrade the firmware? QFlash, FOTA or others? Our board is running Linux, USB driver is installed and we can already communicate via Modem using HTTP/MQTT.

Thanks a lot!

I have contacted our local distributor and problem solved.

Thanks , This custom version has been used for one VIP customer only , named MunXXX , the forum is not the good place to answer this question , any more issue , pls contact your local FAE directly .