BG96 firmware - Latest Version

Where can I download the latest version of the BG96 firmware and installation tools?

For the current module I have plugged in, I get this response from an ATI command. Is this the latest ???

I will be purchasing quite a few BG96 modules and want to upgrade all to the latest version as they come in.

Revision: BG96MAR02A08M1GA



thanks for you question .

May I know where you locate?

  1. for purchase BG96 module , pls send email to your local sales

you could get related sales info from below link :slight_smile:

2 . To check the version of you module , pls use : AT+qgmr?
sorry, I can not send to you the latest fw version before you get HW

  1. for burning tools of BG96 , pls kindly download from the below link :slight_smile:

I’m located in Australia and have purchased the below from a distributor in Melbourne.
I have 7 BG96 modules at the moment and will be buying more in the future.