BG96 firmware for Sprint

Looking for a specific firmware version, Sprint requires BG96MAR04A02M1G. We are working with enrolling in the Curiosity program and are currently completing initial self-certification.


Dear Greg Terrell,
Please click the following link to download your needed firmware. Thanks!

The following are the upgrade tool and windows USB driver, if you need, you can download it. Thanks!
Upgrade tool:Qflash

Windows USB driver:

Thank you Kyson!

Where is BG96MAR04A02M1G along the version history for the BG96 firmware?

What is the latest BG96 firmware?

I have A07_01.011.01.011 as my latest rev.


Hi Greg ,

Just download BG96MAR04A02M1G version from the link shared by kyson , cause the suffix is used for internal version control , not related to customers . thanks

Thank you gentlemen. What is the latest stable BG96 firmware release?

Dear Greg,

for the latest version , pls kindly download from below link

Is the BG96MAR04A02M1G firmware specific to Sprint in the US or any other carriers?


Different operators need to different fw certificated version , Is your SIM card Sprint’s , right??