BG96 Firmware and update

We have BG 96 modules with BG96MAR02A08M1G running quite well. Now we get some modules with BG96MAR03A06M1G and cannot further get connection to the mobile network, at least no PDP context. What’s the difference between the firmware releases and how can we update the modules built into a GNU/Linux system from R03A06 to R02A08?

R02A08 is based on qualcomm TX2.0 baseline

R03A06 is based on qualcomm TX3.0 baseline

normallly , we can upgrade from R02A08 to R03A06 , for your issue , we need to discuss case by case , we need your help capture QXDM to analyze the modem log ,

I suspucted that it caused by MBN configure maybe , Maybe your FW version is not customized for your area. Please contact your local FAE to check this or email to