BG96 ERROR in response in AT+QFUPL after CONNECT initial \r\n is missing

from BG96 pdf file:

The “AT” or “at” prefix must be set at the beginning of each command line. To terminate a command line
enter CR. Commands are usually followed by a response that includes“ CRLF(response)CRLF”. Throughout this document, only the responses are presented,“CRLF” are omitted intentionally.

the sequence is:
request : at+QFUPL=“file”,1200\r
response: \r\nCONNECT\r\n
request: certificate_payload_with_1200_bytes…
response: +QFUPL: 1200,7444\r\n\r\nOK\r\n

why the last response don’t start with \r\n?

it is qualcomm format , sorry

do you means that , Do you mean that the format of the at command does not conform to the 3GPP specification? If this format affects the string parsing in your code, please send email to we will submit one qualcomm ticket based your request .sorry for the inconvenience

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“+QFUPL: 1200,7444” is response , it is not URC , so it is normal.

sorry what’s mean URC?

in general bg96 have some peculiarities which difficult the parse process… for example:

1 +QMTREC don’t have a pin for interruption like the phone calls. without this interruption you force to do polling over UART … and IMHO this is a bad practice. In my case I have to change from cheaper chip to another chip more expensive (which talk with bg96) for this restriction.

I don’t know if is equal using TCP

  1. +QMTPUB sometimes is complete
    \r\nOK\r\n\r\n+QMTPUB: 0,0,0\r\n
    \r\nOK\r\n … undetermined time… \r\n+QMTPUB: 0,0,0\r\n