BG96 don't connect to Rabbitmq server

The BG96 don’t connect to rabbitmq server in TLS 1.2
The same configuration is ok for AWS, Azure, etc. but if I use the correct certificate (trusted, key e client) and the ip of rabbitmq server the BG96 respons 0,-1
Can you help me?

Hi vilsio74,

I have no experience of using BG96 to log in to rabbitmq server. Can you send us relevant links and documents? We will reply to you after test it .

BTW: for AWS, Azure and Google configurations is different…
these are all three tested with BG96, EC2x and BC66

Hi vilsio74 ,

Pls sent you the detail of your issue to ,we will setup ticket to track this issue .

the problem it’s resolved changing the trusted certificate. when generate the certificate in rabbitmq, the server generate more certificate and not all are compliant for bg96. thanks