BG96 DFOTA firmware package requested


I’d like to upgrade the firmware of our BG96 modules to enable the AT+QSSLCFG=“sni” command.

It seems like this command is not supported on our modules with firmware versions:

  • BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.007.01.007

  • BG96MAR03A06M1G_01.005.01.005

Can you provide DFOTA firmware upgrade packages for both of these firmware versions? Latest firmware would be great, but we are happy with any firmware upgrade which supports the SNI AT command.

Thank you.

Why not try the QFlash and QMultiDL?
Only the local FAE can request the DFOTA firmware for company customer.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we don’t have physical access to the devices. They are all in use in the field. So, I think QFlash or QMultiDL isn’t an option.

How do I get in touch with the local FAE?

Whre did you get the Quectel modem?
Could you provide your company name?
How many BG96 you have?

We’ve had different distributors, the last modems came from Mouser and Distrelec.
Our company name is Strukton.
We have 90+ BG96 in use at this moment (some of them already have a suitable firmware version).

  • BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.007.01.007
  • BG96MAR03A06M1G_01.005.01.005

It is in different baseline or different branch and it cannot use DFOTA upgrade.

Please check that whether BG96MAR03A11M1G_01.200.01.200 is what you want.

Does BG96MAR03A11M1G_01.200.01.200 support the SNI command which we need?

So, we could upgrade

BG96MAR03A06M1G_01.005.01.005 to
BG96MAR03A11M1G_01.200.01.200 is that correct?

And for the modems which use BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.007.01.007? Is there an upgrade available as well?

First please check whether it support the feature you need.
If it support and you need the DFOTA firmware, please send me an email I will try to apply for it. If I cannot provide it please check with the local FAEs.

Sorry for my mistake.
BG96MAR03A11M1G_01.200.01.200 are only used for Korea.

If what you have tried is BG96MAR03A06M1G_01.202.01.202 please try the firmware I just sent.

I have created the request for the DFOTA firmware.