BG96 device global usage

we have made a mobile tracker device using BG96 module and have FCC and RED certifications. Is there some regulation/rule that says we can use the device globally as the BG96 module is more or less globally certified? At least we can sell our device in US and EU, and I assume the device is allowed to visit countries outside of those and use networks in those countries right? I am asking because we would like to have a statement for our device that it can be used globally because of X.


if your device will sell in US, your have to pass FCC-PTCRB/GCF -operator certification( T-mobile/verzon/At&t etc)

if you device will sell in EU , you have to pass CE …

if you want to sell golbally , i think you need pass all these certifications one by one , of course , you can do the certificatifcation of your terminal product based on the module certification , but all these operator certification is independently ,

Certification is a very complicated thing , thanks for your understanding

Thanks for the answer. We already have FCC and CE for selling in the US and EU. But my question was if the device can still visit countries outside of those and use NB-IoT and LTE-M to communicate? So are there any international rules that says you can’t use the device in other countries? Not sure if this question makes sense.