BG96: COPS=1 and shut off the power

I performed the following operations.

  • Send AT+COPS=1 (manual mode selection) and shut off the power of BG96 after receiving the response

In most cases, there is no problem. The status is as follows.

  • After a few seconds after turning on the BG96, the NETLIGHT LED becomes Idle (stand by without sending any commands)
  • When you send AT+QNWINFO, it becomes the operator specified by AT+COPS=1.

In rare cases, the following conditions may occur.

  • I turned on the BG96 and waited for about 40 minutes, but the NETLIGTH LED did not change from Network Searching (I waited without sending any commands)
  • Receive No Service when sending AT+QNWINFO
  • No matter how many times I restart BG96, the state remains the same as above (no change from Network Searching)

I have obtained the log, so could you please check the status of BG96?
*We have confirmed that the method to return to Idle is to send AT+COPS again. I would like to know what condition BG96 is in.

(upload:// (1.5 MB)