BG96 CAT-M1 New Zealand unable to find towers


I have a BG96 module and a compatible CAT-M1 SIM card from spark (provided by M2MOne).
I have reached out to the SIM card provider and confirmed that it is CAT-M1 compatible.

The BG96 is implemented on the RAK5010 NB-IoT Tracker from RAKWIRELESS:

I am failing to pick up any cell tower by the BG96 module.
I have tested the SIM card with my iPhone and it does register towers.

Here in New Zealand we have LTE-CAT-M1 on B3 (1800MHz) and B28(700MHz).
I have checked the CAT-M1 coverage of the area I am in and it appears to be in coverage.

When I power on the module, the Network light blinks 1800ms off and 200ms on (This has never changed, even with 1 hour power on).

AT+CEREG? returns +CEREG: 0,0

AT+QENG=“servingcell” always returns “SEARCHING”

There is an antenna provided with the module. I have messaged RAKWIRELESS to confirm the compatible bands with this antenna. I’m assuming it should work fine. I have taken the module close to the tower in case it’s a distance issue, and still nothing.

Please help me.



As it turns out, the set bands we’re wrong.

AT+QCFG=“band” returns
+QCFG: “band”,0xf,0x400a0e189f,0xa0e189f

Therefore, band 28 is not set.

Now the problem is when it comes to setting the band.
AT+QCFG=“band”,0,8000004,0,1 returns

I cannot change the band.

Even AT+CFUN=1 returns ERROR

Hi Bashar_Dawood,
If your device can not register the network, pls check your settings: