BG96 CAT M1 Coverage Enhancement Modes

Does the BG96 support CAT M1 Coverage Enhancement mode?
Are there specific AT commands for see which CAT M1 Coverage Enhancement mode? Or should I use another tool to see the value?

I can find coverage enhancement modes for CAT NB, but they do not work in LTE CAT M1 networks.
This is the command for NB1:
AT+QCFG=“celevel” => Get LTE Cat NB1 Coverage Enhancement Level


The LTE-M standard supports two Coverage Enhancement (CE) Modes: CE Mode A and CE Mode B.
Both CE Modes enable coverage enhancement using repetition techniques for both data channels and control channels. For data channels, CE Mode A supports up to 32 times repetition and CE Mode B supports up to 2048 times repetition. CE Mode A is the default mode of operation for LTE-M devices and LTE-M networks, providing efficient operation in coverage scenarios where moderate coverage enhancement is needed.

for catm RAT , we support CE mode A only by default ,

but the query with AT+QCFG=“celevel” is not supported by BG96 module