BG96 bug: can't cancel SMS sending process

I have BG96, FW BG96MAR02A07M1G.
According to AT commands manual for this module, it should be possible to cancel AT+CMGS using ESC, but module ignores it.

In more details:

  1. Network does not send back status in reply on SMS.
  2. In text mode on > prompt after AT+CMGS command I enter text ending with Ctrl+Z.
  3. Module wait for response.
  4. I cancel process by sending ESC

Expected: module should abort SMS send.

Result: nothing happens, module will abort process only when timeout of 120s is elapsed

Same process works fine on EC25 module I have, so obviously I’m doing everything as needed.

Please assist.

Any update on this? Maybe some details are needed? Is it a known bug? Is there a plan to fix it? Also tested on older BG96 which does not support AT+QAPPVER command - same result, module does not obey cancellation command.

Hi GeorgeG

I will check it internally and feedback asap.
btw,could you tell me the network are you testing,GSM,CAT-M or NB?

Thanks & Best Regards

Hello George,

  1. ESC to escape from AT+CMGS only works while typing sms contents, if you you catrl+z, module will wait network response rgardless ESC, that’s expected.
  2. The 120s timeout can be changed by configuring the NV items. (If you want detail for this command please contact or regoin FAE team)
  3. The long time reponse for sending SMS command, and it’s eventually failed. It’s usually due to:
    a. Destination is unreachable or invalid.
    b. SIM doesn’t support SMS, it’s EPS only
    c. Confirm module is not in PS only mode: Value of commnad AT+QCFG=“servicedomain” must be 2