BG96 - BG96MAR04A03M1G latest FW

I accidentally put a wrong FW to BG96 BG96MAR04A03M1G module and got a boot loop.
Thus, looking for the latest BG96MAR04A03M1G FW link!
Thanks in advance…

since this module. the default value of NV has been changed by this operation , you have to send back to quectel factory to recovery it , sorry for inconvenience

Thanks for the response!
I was able to flash that module with BG96MAR04A03M1G_01.003.01.003 FW (found somewhere on this forum), and module works fine now… can establish connection, xmit data… At least, it is functional. Even though, based on your comment, some NV might have been corrupted…
If you have a newer FW and can post the link to it here, I could try it too and see if all still work Ok.