BG96 auxnmea port silent

I’m trying to get a BG96 module working (it’s built into a RAK5010 board) to feed continuous GPS data.
I checked the documentation and thought I’d be able to make use of the “auxnmea” port, connected it up and tried to use it but with no joy.
After much experimenting it seems that the board doesn’t accept that port as an output parameter but I can’t see why.

e.g. when I call to query the permitted parameters the response is:

+QGPSCFG: "outport",("none","usbnmea","uartnmea")

with no aux port. My original calls were ignored and just stayed on the uart, I could change to “none” though.

+QGPSCFG: "outport",none
+QGPSCFG: "outport",none

Should this work? Is there any additional configuration required? Do I need to send some commands via the debug port initially?

ah. after some searching it looks like this was added in a newer release.

I believe this unit is on R07A07_01.008, what’s the current latest firmware for this. I assume going from 08 to 16 will need a full flash rather than trying the incremental OTA process.

Just for anyone else… I went ahead with a full flash and used the 1.19 version of the BG96 firmware that was posted on here and can now route to the auxnmea port:

+QGPSCFG: “outport”,(“none”,“usbnmea”,“uartnmea”,“auxnmea”,“cmux1”,“cmux2”,“cmux3”,“cmux4”),