BG96 AT+QSCQ - best single measure to use to generate end user "0-5 bar" signal indication

For 2G mode RSSI is the only measure and we can generate 0-5 bar signal indication based on RSSI in the -115dBm to -40dBm range (no signal to very strong)

For LTE and NB-IoT there are many measures (RSSI, RSRP, SINR, RSRQ).
<lte_rssi> <lte_rsrp> <lte_sinr> <lte_rsrq>
+QCSQ: “CAT-M1”,-55,-80,146,-8

I suspect RSRQ is the best single indicator for CAT-M and NBIoT signal quality, since it’s based on signal, noise and interference.
Would appreciate feedback if I am correct or not.

Hi sdt99

for CATM and NB network , normally we need to check RSRP and SINR .

Hi Stephen - thank you. We are using RSRQ - this includes RSRP and seems correlated with SINR according to this link - this is just a user indicator - for our own analysis we capture all data in the QSCQ response.