BG96 - AT+CGDCONT Functionality

I’m working with a BG96 dev board and I’m conecting it through UART to an MCU.

Actually I’m trying to connect to internet and as far as I know I have to create a PDP context.

The command of the topic (AT+CGDCONT?) is supposed to print all the PDP context available/defined but what is the command to delete a PDP context? or once defined you can only modify it?

In case it’s only possible to modify it, what would be the parameters for a “useless” PDP context?

I was not able to find the command on the BG96 AT command manual.



AT+CGDCONT= can be used to delete a PDP context. Actually, if you don’t activate the PDP context, it will effect nothing.

How do you delete the context using AT+CGDCONT= ?

I’m not being able to do it.

I have another doubt:

AT+CGDCONT? should answer with a String like this:

+CGDCONT: <cid>,<PDP_type>,<APN>,<PDP_addr>,<data_comp>,<head_comp>

But when I use the command I received:

+CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“APN”,“”,0,0,0,0

in which:

  • <cid> = 1
  • <PDP_type> = “IP”
  • <APN> = “APN”
  • <PDP_addr> = “”
  • <data_comp> = 0
  • <head_comp> = 0

but still I receive ,0,0 after all, what does those last parameters mean?

I checked the command in 3GPp document. The last two command is ….
Here is the description for this parameter:
, … : zero to N string parameters whose meanings are specific to the <PDP_type>
But I didn’t understand the description… Generally, we just need to consider the first three paramters.

I had a typo in that reply. It sould be AT+CGDCONT=[cid] to delete context profile. e.g.: AT+CGDCONT=1