BG96 - ALPN setting over AT commands

I am communicating to BG96 over AT commands from my MCU.
I need to use the AWS feature “AWS custom Authentication” over MQTT, which requires me to set TLS extension ALPN as “mqtt”.
Ref : Connecting to AWS IoT Core by using custom authentication - AWS IoT Core

Can you help with sample AT commands to set the ALPN and Using MQTT to achieve this?

Hello VK,

As i know for BG96 module, we are not support to set ALPN by commands.
i will check if there any other methods to set this and back to you ASAP.

Linkin WANG

Hello Vk,

I got the confirmed from our R&D, BG96&BG95 series module are not support this setting.

Linkin WANG

Is there any other alternate options to set it? Or can we hardcode and build the BG96 Firmware with the settings?

Unfortunately, No :frowning:

but your BG96 SDK seem to have ALPN extensions. There is no way we can modify in the source code of SDK to accept input or hardcode or add custom AT command for it?

Are you using QuecOpen solution or standard solution?

Linkin WANG

am ready to go with either of the solution if could provide the feasibility to set ALPN extension.

Both Open and standard solution are not support ALPN setting.

That’s bad news. We are using BG96 modules and need to use AWS Custom Authorisation which requires ALPN settings. What option can you think or suggest to achieve this?

Since TLS ALPN settings is not available on BG96, is there a way I can bypass the SSL of BG96 and use MBEDTLS on my host controller to make TLS connection?

Can we be able to do the following,

  1. MBEDTLS on my host controller.
  2. Use +QIOPEN AT command from Host MCU to BG96 to make TCP connection.
  3. Using MBETLS send the SSL context from Host MCU to BG96 to make TLS connection.

If the above is possible how to send the SSL context from Host MCU to BG96 to make TLS connection?