BG96: accessing user files (UFS) with QAPI


If user is uploading a file into UFS: using e.g. AT+QFUPL="/2.txt",16 command, how these files could be accessed from the QAPI (e.g. in custom ThreadX DAM application on the module) via qapi_FS_Open(…)? Looks like qapi_FS_Open(“UFS:2.txt”, …) or qapi_FS_Open("/ufs/2.txt", …) are not working.

Thanks in advance,

with QAPI , we can open AP core
file system only , (EUFS) , we can not access UFS filesystem ,

But as a workaround , you can use atc——pipe

Thank you for the answer! The reason I need to access UFS is because my application needs to read a file that is stored inside UFS “/security/” directory, looks like it’s not possible within ThreadX application, correct?