BG95x/BG77x - PON_TRIG / PSM / paging interval regularity

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Could you clarify PON_TRIG usage with BG95x/BG77x when PSM is configured (AT+CPSMS=1,“”,“”,“10100001”,“00001010”)?

I am using Quectel EVB : should the PON_TRIG switch stay high and T3324 T3412 timers automatically enter/exist from the PSM? Or should we drive PON_TRIG to low?

When I am modifying the PON_TRIG switch position, the paging interval is impacted. What’s going on?

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For BG95x BG77x series module, PON_TRIG PIN should be in low stage, if in high position module will not enter PSM. and PON_TRIG pull to high will wake up module from PSM.