BG95M4 having difficult time connecting to network, possible firmware fix?

We were using BG95M3 (firmware 006) modems, which were relatively quick to connect to network. It takes enormous time for BG95M4 to connect (Norway, Lithuania). I’m sure it’s related to not having 2G/GPRS bands, but even when it does connect, connection unstable and takes again long time to reconnect (signal strengh, RSSI are good). Maybe it can be improved by firmware upgrade. Currently modems loaded with version 003. Where I can get firmware images?

M3 version seem, to “save” settings and connect next time really quick. This doesn’t appear to work on M4. Is that normal?

there is two different between BG95M3 and BG95M4

  1. the different of Power class (PA)

  2. BG95M4 does not support GSM RAT

Summary: in normally case , the network search time of BG95M4 should be quicker than BG95M3,

if the test environment is same ,pls collect Qwinlog and send to for more analysis .

Can you confirm that 003 firmware is most recent one? If not, maybe it’s possible to get newer one. Thanks for the hints.