BG95M4 AT+QCELLSCAN not working on band 72

Hi there,

I think there is a bug with AT+QCELLSCAN=8 on LTE band 72, after entering the command the modem says OK and never returns anything even though there is a cell nearby. Even if I set a timeout of e.g. 10, there is never a return. On other LTE bands the command works and shows the cells.
Can you confirm this problem?


Hi @gernotohnenot

Thanks for you sharing, we will check and verify it internal and back to you ASAP.

HI @Linkin-Q
thanks for checking! Do you have any results?

Hi @gernotohnenot
So sorry for the late response, we checked internal and it works. Could you please do AT+CEREG? / AT+QNWINFO / AT+QENG=“servingcell” before do AT+QCELLSCAN command ?