BG95M3 search sequence after powerdown

Few questions about the network search algorithm of BG95

  • Can I tell that the device completed a scan of all bands ?
  • What happens when I power up the device after doing power down when the device is searching ? Does the search start all over or does it continue from the last band searched ?

Hi YaronK,

During band searching but module power down, for the next time power on to search network will from at beginning

Linkin WANG

Thanks for the quick answer
How can I tell the device has finished scan of al the bands ?


It’s hard to know when finished band scan via commands, but we can check modem logs to see if finished scan.
But genernally, for CATM network, it will take 1-2 mins for full band scan, for NB it will take around 10-15 mins.

Linkin WANG