BG95M3 Not Receiving SMS

I am working my way through integrating the BG95M3 into Android (7.1.1) RIL.

As of now the RIL is connecting to the modem, establishing a PPP connection that works within Android API and I can send SMS using Android API.

My problem is that it never receives SMS. When I was manually connecting to the USB I could send and receive SMS, and I would receive URC for new SMS.

Are there special setting for the RIL that I need to include for Android to be able to receive SMS?

Here is my radio log

I can see it setting the URC port to UART1


As a side note, I see a ton of these errors in the radio log:


Any idea what these are for?


as you said ,the BG95 sms work fine 
  1. you can send AT via UART1 successful。

  2. you can send sms successfully via PC

for android side , pls check the below item

Any more confusion , pls send email to support, we need to collect log to do more analysis

I attached the related doc and here for you reference .

pls check the below item also

Attached is an image of all props that contain “ril”, “gsm”, and “sms”:

There is no entry for telephony.sms.receive

I checked my config.xml and found:

<bool name="config_voice_capable">false</bool>
<bool name="config_sms_capable">true</bool>

Here is my networkAttributes from the same file:

<string-array translatable="false" name="networkAttributes">
     <!-- BG95 Added-->
     <!-- BG95 Add end-->

I was given Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V3.3.32 by support to use, should I use Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V2.9.6 instead?

Also, I am curious, do my PPP chat files get used at all by the RIL? I ask because right now my quectel-ppp script uses /dev/ttyUSB2 (I was testing out PPP and my modem was only attached to USB at the time, now it is attached to UART).

Thanks for the help!