BG95M3 no response after update

I have updated my bg95m3 module from firmware BG95M3LAR04A01_01.001.01.001 to BG95M3LAR02A03_01.014.01.014 and after the upgrade the module does not respond. The stat indication is constat high and it was blinking before. The main rx line is constant low and is not working. If i connect the usb there is no sign of life of the module.
I can turn it on and off as before and the vdd_ext is there when it is turned on.
Has anyone had similar problem?

Best regards

BG95M3LAR02~ belongs to BG95 TX1.0 baseline
BG95M3LAR04~ belongs to BG95 TX2.0 baseline

Since their partition is different ,so we can not cross burn it each other

Pls reach to your supporter and burn the factory version to recover it , i can not send the factory version here.