BG95M3 long switch from GNSS to WWAN state

We run GNSS and WWAN simultaneously (GNSS between EDRX cycles)

Before sending data, disable GNSS and check GNSS/WWAN state via AT+QGPSCFG=“priority”
As described, we wait state 3

Sometimes, after turning GNSS off, the module remains on the GNSS in the loaded state for 20-40 s.

How to force switch from GNSS state to WWAN state?

EDRX paging window = 40.96 seconds

Switching priority using AT-Commands caused a lot of trouble for us (including long delays). For us it is suspect to cause permanent device damage on the long run (Got no prove).

We overcame the issue by setting WWAN priority once and enable airplane mode via W_DISABLE pin to switch to GNSS.