BG95M3 FW ver 15 and 14 - GNSS and roaming SIM problem

We are using BG95 to connect to a server and deliver GNSS location.
Case 1: local SIM , Ver 15 - connects to local CatM in about 2sec and gets a GNSS fix ( we use XTRA)

Case 2: roaming SIM, Ver 15 - takes about 1 min to connect to GSM, get a GNSS fix

Case 3: roaming SIM ver 14 - takes about 5 sec to connect to GSM , not able to get GNSS fix

We need a fast connection with roaming AND the GNSS fix ( These are cases 2 and 3 , both fail to connect)

  1. Whether the module can quickly connect to the network depends on whether the rplmn is valid?

2.Since bg95 share RF chanel between GNSS and LTE, so I think ,if the module can connect the network quickly, they can get GNSS fix also.