BG95M3 & BG96 serial pass-through

Hi there!

I have some custom boards for BG95M3 & BG96.
Unfortunately I do not have access on the Modem serial port.

There is: USBport-Arduino-QuectelModule

My idea is to make a bridge between Arduino serial and modem serial in order to update the firmware on Quectel.

Do you have some examples? Until now I can make the pass through in order to deliver normal AT commands, but no Firmware update.

Unfortunately for the moment I have to reset somehow the serial connection on BG95 because O have set 9600 baud and I cannot connect with it anymore :cry:

I have revive it :slight_smile:

I have set the serial baudrate on 9600 (as I have set it previously) and I have (after many attempts) be able to set to 115200 with:


Still I fight in order to get a serial passthrough

Sorry for replying you so late. You can upgrade through the upgrade port USB_dm of the module in the hardware manual guide and upgrade the firmware through the DFOTA function.

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