BG95M3 Automatic Network Selection

BG95 has no LRPLMN in NV
BG95 network scan sequence is CAT-M1>GSM, no bands are restricted
SIM card is issued by MVNO and unused (virgin)

  1. When powered up, will it scan the full CAT-M1 supported bands before selecting a cell to camp on?
  2. Will it stop scanning the rest of the CAT-M1 bands if it has found a good signal quality cell and re-scan again if it cannot camp on that cell?
  3. If it fails CAT-M1 and switches to GSM, will it scan the entire GSM bands before making the selection?

there are high priority PLMN be saved in sim card ,pls refer to 3GPP TS23.122


Yes I have read that specification. However the specification description is quite general and I want to know better how BG95 works.

The SIM is a virgin MVNO SIM, so (i), (ii), (iii) of above is not applicable and the module will go straight to (iv).

During the frequency scanning, will BG95 scan the full band to discover all the suitable cells? Will BG95 store the information in NV or on the SIM card?