BG95M2 Firmware Update R02A04_01.009.01.009 R02A04_01.200.01.200 failed

when i try to upgrade my BG95M2 module firmware from
BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009 to R02A04_01.200.01.200
the following messages appear


On my download server I see that the file is completely downloaded. Where is the problem ?
Is the file with 4614903 bytes too big?
Anyone have an idea?
Cellular connection is stable and the module can be reached at any time



Where did you get the upgrade package? The size of the package should exceed the size of the module’s built-in memory.

From the manufacturer of the devices (bicycle lock).

What is the size of the module’s built-in memory ?

Isn’t that the correct update file?
Is an update from BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009 to R02A04_01.200.01.200.BIN possible at all?

I still have
which is also an update from 01.009 to 01.200 which works without problems

Are all of your upgrade packs about the same size?

no, they are different sizes

currently the BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009-R02A04_01.200.01.200.BIN is the largest file

4614903 BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009-R02A04_01.200.01.200.BIN
2966379 BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009-R02A05_01.002.01.002.BIN
4458847 BG95M2LAR02A05_01.002.01.002-R02A04_01.200.01.200.BIN

4614903 Bytes BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009-R02A04_01.200.01.200.BIN
2966379 Bytes BG95M2LAR02A04_01.009.01.009-R02A05_01.002.01.002.BIN
4458847 Bytes BG95M2LAR02A05_01.002.01.002-R02A04_01.200.01.200.BIN

Is it the same server you used when you upgraded? Using the same network format?

yes, of course
we only have one server and update via https

Has this problematic upgrade package been tried in other modules of the same version, or do AT+QFOTADL=5 and at+ifc=2,2, and try again.

It seems as AT+QFOTADL=5 solve the problem.
We will verify it again on a larger number of devices over the next few days.

All right, we’ll talk to you if you have any questions.