bg95M1/M2 power supply


we have found an ultra low iq and high efficient buck boost converter cable of delivering 500mA.
if we chose another buck boost with higher output current (example 1A) this will compromize the buck boost Iq and efficiency.

We have a lithium non chargable batt. connected -
The batt. voltage will be from 3.7V at fresh batt. and down to approx. 2.2V (batt. capacity left <5%).
we expect the output voltage if the buck boost to be around 3V to 3.3V
The buck boost will always be turned on - because the batt. voltage can go below the min Vin of the BG95M1/M2 (2.6V)

My question is regarding LTE-M1/M2 max. current from datasheet states:
example band20:

B20 @ 20.96 dBm avg=214.52, max=544.75 mA

We want to calculate a output low esr capacitor for buck boost so we can lover the max. current drawn from the
So we need to know the current pulse pattern?
how long can the pulse be with max. current?

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The power consumption depends on your design scheme. If GNSS and data services are working, the current will be close to the larger value, but the specific duration depends on your business logic。

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