Bg951 PSM mode current consumption


I am using BG951AGLAA module and on the last state of development.
The target application is power sensitive and I am trying to use Power Saving Mode (PSM) for bg951 during the inactive time.
I am facing an issue achieving the expected power drop by putting the module in PSM.
I am using at command AT+CPSMS=1 to activate PSM and after doing this I could see the current drop and module does not respond to any uart at commands, so I am assuming it is going into PSM.

My problem is, when the module is in PSM the total circuit current is 20mA. And if I put the module in power off mode (through RESET & PON_TRIGGER) the current is 10mA. I am wondering why there is 50% difference in current consumption between PSM and Power off ?

I would appreciate any help on this.

Thank you,

Hi @parthrajoxit

Are you using Quectel EVB kit to test? or your device?
or is possible to send you HD Schematic diagram to us to check?