BG950A-GL (AT command manual)


I cannot find any documentation about the quectel modem BG950A-GL (AT command manual).
is there someone who can guide me please ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello ,

BG950A is a very new module , up to now , there are no official doc and EVB ready ,

Based on the schedule ,we will release this module in 2 months

In general , It will be compatible with bg95 pin2pin, but it also supports catm1 and Nb2, but it is not based on the Qualcomm platform

so for now , you can use BG95 first , Later, you can choose whether to migrate to the bg950a platform

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Hi, I’d like to see if anybody out there is going to be dropping this new bg950A into their project. I’m looking for a business to business solution for a GPS unit provider. Looking for a product that utilizes this chip off the shelf with a few other components…i.e. gyro, and temp, a separate micro-controller is also necessary.