BG95 xtra datadomain name

Hello, I am using GNSS with a BG95 and a SIM operator that requires a whitelist of allowed servers to connect to.
So, if I want to use XTRA data, I will need to put the XTRA servers in the allowed list.
It seems that xtra download never succeeds.
I know that I can manually download the xtra data from one of these servers, so I entered them in the list, but it still doesn’t work:

Which server/port the BG95 uses with the “AT+QGPSCFG=“xtra_download”,1” command? I would need a list of IP/ports or a list of fully qualified names.

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Does anyone have suggestions?

Generally, the command is executed in the serial port. Try to execute the following command before executing the download command:
AT+QGPSCFG=“test_mode” ,0

Did you specify the file names? There are different files of different validity. Below links are tested to be working.

7-day file:
3-day file:
1-day file: