BG95 with Linux

We are designing a system combining a BG95-M3 modem with an embedded linux system through the USB conenction.
What is the recommend way to process is PPP or QMI the recommeded way to go ?
Do you have any dedicated documentation for this ?

Thanks in advance

pls refer to the doc of <Quectel_LTE&5G_Linux_USB_Driver_User_Guide_V2.0.pdf>,

for linux driver pls kindly download from the below link:

he Qualcomm 9x05 platform do not support RMNET/NDIS any more, so maybe you could use PPP to instead of QMI to dail-up.

pls refer to the following steps:
1.Make sure the USB driver is installed successfully
you can use lsusb -t or ls /dev/ttyU* to check
2.Disabled any network interface on PC
ifconfig xxx down
3.Test PPP
cp quectel-chat-connect quectel-chat-disconnect quectel-chat-ppp /etc/ppp/peers/
pppd call quectel-ppp
4.maybe you need install busybox, if relevant error message appears

for PPP procedure , pls kindly open the below link