BG95 View All Configurable Settings


I currently have two BG95-M3 modules that I am developing with, both have firmware version BG95M3LAR02A03_01.009.01.009. One module is functioning correctly and as expected, but the other is not. I am trying to diagnose the differences between the two and am finding it quite time consuming to query each AT command and verify its configuration.

I am aware of AT&V, but this only shows a small portion of the available settings. I could set up some form of script to query each AT command, but it would take a considerable amount of upfront time and an already supported feature would be much more convenient.

Is there an AT command (possibly a developer setting) that I can send to my module to return the queried status of every AT command supported by the module?

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Hello, there is no such AT command now. there may be hundreds of AT commands supported by the BG95. But every AT command have a query command. You only need to view the commands you use.

Hi @Isaac.Wang-Q !
What about AT+QCFG proprietary commands?
I have BG600L-M3 which should be the same underneath. With stock firmware it didn’t want to connect to my SIM card providers’ network. I lost a lot of time to find right sequence of AT+QCFG commands to configure it to work. The problem is that they can be used only once and are never needed in the actual iot application once the module is configured.

@hrm essentially described my use case. I have two modules that are being sent the exact same configuration commands, with the same SIM card, yet one connects to the provider’s network and the other does not. @Isaac.Wang-Q is there any way to view the non-volatile memory of the module to determine if there are some changes that may have been made during development and are simply persisting on reboot?