BG95 unable to send data via 2 different APNs at same time

While using BG95 device, I establish several PDP sessions with different APNs. But at the moment of testing data via a simple AT+QPING, it looks to succeed only via the first of those.

[2022-10-10 15:55:11:868_R:] +COPS: 0,0,“vodafone ES BICS”,0

[2022-10-10 15:55:11:868_R:] OK
[2022-10-10 15:55:17:626_S:] AT+CGDCONT?
[2022-10-10 15:55:17:651_R:] AT+CGDCONT?
[2022-10-10 15:55:17:651_R:] +CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“asia.bics”,“”,0,0,0
[2022-10-10 15:55:17:651_R:] +CGDCONT: 2,“IP”,“bicsapn”,“”,0,0,0

[2022-10-10 15:55:17:651_R:] OK
[2022-10-10 15:55:25:061_S:] AT+QPING=1,“”
[2022-10-10 15:55:25:071_R:] AT+QPING=1,“”
[2022-10-10 15:55:25:071_R:] OK

[2022-10-10 15:55:28:350_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:28:358_R:] +QPING: 0,“”,32,461,255

[2022-10-10 15:55:28:468_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:0) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:28:828_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:28:839_R:] +QPING: 0,“”,32,478,255

[2022-10-10 15:55:28:943_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:0) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:327_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:337_R:] +QPING: 0,“”,32,497,255

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:447_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:0) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:830_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:845_R:] +QPING: 0,“”,32,501,255

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:845_R:] +QPING: 0,4,4,0,461,501,484

[2022-10-10 15:55:29:950_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:0) DCD:0
[2022-10-10 15:55:34:583_S:] AT+CGPADDR
[2022-10-10 15:55:34:598_R:] AT+CGPADDR
[2022-10-10 15:55:34:598_R:] +CGPADDR: 1,
[2022-10-10 15:55:34:598_R:] +CGPADDR: 2,

[2022-10-10 15:55:34:598_R:] OK
[2022-10-10 15:55:43:973_S:] AT+QPING=2,“”
[2022-10-10 15:55:43:982_R:] AT+QPING=2,“”
[2022-10-10 15:55:43:982_R:] OK

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:122_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:1) DCD:0

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:138_R:] +QPING: 550

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:138_R:] +QPING: 550

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:138_R:] +QPING: 550

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:138_R:] +QPING: 550

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:138_R:] +QPING: 569

[2022-10-10 15:55:46:245_R:] DSR:0 CTS:1 (RI:0) DCD:0
[2022-10-10 15:55:59:813_S:] AT+CGPADDR
[2022-10-10 15:55:59:839_R:] AT+CGPADDR
[2022-10-10 15:55:59:839_R:] +CGPADDR: 1,
[2022-10-10 15:55:59:839_R:] +CGPADDR: 2,

Why device isn’t able to send data via the second,third session?


Hello Alfredo,

Have you actived 2th PDP with AT+QIACT=2 ?

Linkin WANG

Hi Linkin,

Yes, sure, both PDP contexts are activated with AT+QIACT=2. Actually I see the 2 different IPs assigned properly. This is neither an issue with the specific APN, if I switch my config and I use APN1 as APN2 and the other way around, the one set with the id=1 is working, and id=2 is not.


Hi Linkin,

I upgraded FW in my device, and issue was solved immediately.

For your reference I was in R02A02_01.003 and I moved to R02A03_01.017

Thanks for your information :slight_smile: