BG95 STATUS pin is not going high


I am trying to replace a BG96 with BG95 as they share the same foot print. The problem I am facing is when the board is powered, the BG95 STATUS pin is not going high. It intermittently goes high but stays low most of the time.

I tried giving a low signal on POWER KEY but still it did not work.


The module maybe enter psm mode, you need to disable psm. please try to use AT+CPSMS=0 command.

If the module is not up, how do we send commands to the module? Is there any other way using hardware, we can do this?

Short-circuit the module USB_boot pin and vdd_EXT pin, enter the forced download mode, and upgrade the firmware.

I have a qflash tool. Is this tool to be used for flashing the firmware? Any version specific to qflash? if it is fine to use qflash.

Also, I need the firmware for the BG95 chip. From where will I git the firmware?

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