BG95 startup procedure

What’s the adequated procedure one should take to properly start the BG95? I mean, I’ve bought an evaluation board for BG95 and it seems to work different than the chips that I’ve bought.

  • On the EVB:
    ** When I press the PWRKEY, the module powers up and spits on the UART messages like “SMS READY”;
    ** The module always fetches for the NITZ, syncing it properly when I connect to a PDP Context.

  • On the SMD modules I’ve bought:
    ** Sometimes it starts on an unkown state: the AT+CSQ command returns 99,99 and I can’t connect to any MT, then I must restart the module a few times before it starts again on the work properly.
    ** These modules only outputs a “APP RDY”, never the “SMS READY” thing, like my EVB version.
    ** Sometimes they sync with NITZ, sometimes they don’t.

So, I need to reliably start up the SMD modules I’ve bought, and also be able to sync the RTC with NITZ. I’ve already executed the commands:


But it doesn’t seem to change a thing.

Another thing I should mention is that with my SMD modules they always automatically tries to connect to the last PDP Context it was connected before. Meaning I don’t need to execute AT+CGACT=1,1 to bring the pdp context up.

I feel like there’s some sort of commands I should send to configure it :frowning:

The output of ATI on the modules is:

Revision: BG95M3LAR02A03


Anybody knows what I could possibly be doing wrong with both issues? The module sometimes starting on an unknown state and not synchronizing with NITZ.


For first question, are you using MAIN UART ? or UAB AT port?
for second question, which network are you using? CATM or NBIOT or GSM ?


On both I’ve used the Main UART.

Mainly, I’m using the CATM network, sometimes GSM, but never NBIOT.

Thanks in advance.

For URC outprint you can check AT+QURCCFG=“urcport” command.
Think those different caused by this command.