BG95 SDK: DSS callback apis returns -1

Hi, I’m trying to run the example quectel_http.c from the SDK v1.1.0 on my BG95-M5.
However, I’m facing two issues, the first one is that qapi_Device_Info_Set_Callback_v2() returns -1 every single time.
If I disable the NW_SIGNAL_ENABLE, then qapi_DSS_Get_Data_Srvc_Hndl() returns -1 every single time on the call status = qapi_DSS_Get_Data_Srvc_Hndl(http_net_event_cb, NULL, &http_dss_handle);. I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong.

My DAM has a base of 0x40000000, not sure if this has any impact.

Firmware is BG95M3LAR02A03. If I use AT commands I can use HTTP without issues.

return -1 mean no value be got
May i know , if you want to get the info of “QAPI_DEVICE_INFO_NETWORK_IND_E” , if so pls check the at+cereg? at the same time

for more analysis , we need capture the modem log , if need pls send the email to