BG95 - reconnect MQTT after sleep

Hi All

In my case, I need BG95 to connect the the same MQTT server every 10-15min to upload data.
my original plan is to establish an MQTT connection -> upload data -> go PSM for 10-15min to save power -> wake up from PSM to upload data again.

I was expecting the follow up server communication after the first connection should be fairly quick, like 2-3seconds to just send one msg to MQTT. However, I realise after enter PSM, the MQTT session is being killed on the device side, so I have re-establish MQTT again, which takes 10-20 sends easily. How can I avoid this reconnection of MQTT ? any expert advise?

Isn’t PSM suppose to allow me to get back to the previous TCP/IP session without start from beginning again ?


Hi justin

Thank you for the information.

You can understand the state after entering the PSM as shutdown. Of course, after entering the PSM, the RRConnect will be released, so after waking up, except for the APN and PDP activation operations you set up in the first step, other operations still need to be done.

For further analysis, pls email and our local FAE will guide you to capture the log and analyze it.

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